Breast Cancer Awareness- Closer to Home

October is breast cancer awareness month. I have always been a supporter of breast cancer research, Susan G. Komen, the fight to end breast cancer, and all of those organizations that are out there trying to help women and find a cure.

I’ve had important people in my life who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, fought hard, and won. But this month its hitting a little closer to home than usual. Just last month, about the middle of September, my beautiful mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s felt surreal and its been a bit of a whirlwind, and I’m not going to lie to you I’ve cried quite a bit. But with every doctor’s appointment, phone call with the nurse manager, and discussion about treatment my mother has reminded me how strong she is. She’s a fighter. There is no doubt in my mind she’ll fight this and win.

We’re lucky that the doctors caught hers early and that there is a multitude of support surrounding us. Not everyone is so lucky. While I’m still tearing up every once and a while, I’m working on becoming stronger for her. These next few weeks of Breast Cancer Awareness month feel jam packed and busy, especially moving into the holiday season. But more than ever I’m finding things to be grateful for.


DIY “fall” wreath

Don’t get me wrong, I like fall as much as the next person (I think), but I’ve always considered myself more of a summer person. Regardless, there comes a time in the year when I have to pack up the sunscreen and beach towels and give in to the “fall ways.”

Even though I crave to the peer pressure of decorating for the season, I just can’t go decorating my house in the typical full out fall colors. So instead of trying to find a wreath I could live with, I decided to make one that I loved!

After browsing Pinterest for some inspiration, I decided on a grapevine back with some fall inspired colors with some faux flowers. I headed to my local Michael’s and picked up everything I needed for less than $20 (thanks to some good ole couponing!) I even ended up having extra flowers so I can make some for friends and family!

Grapevine wreath 14 in: $4.99

Faux Hydrangea: $4.99

Faux Peonies: $5.99

Floral Wire: $2.99

Hot Glue and glue gun: I already owned!

I started by separating some of the flowers from the stem and wrapping the leaf section onto the wreath itself. I only wanted flowers in one section of it, so I had the leaves start in one section and go out away from each other.

After I felt like my leaves were secure and there was enough tied down, I took the flowers I had separated and put a load of hot glue on the back, then secured them to the wreath!

Before the hot glue finalization I made sure to play around with the flowers a bit until I found something I thought was pleasing to the eye. Other than that, this was a pretty easy and cost effective DIY. I’m loving how it turned out and how it looks on my front door.

What fun and easy fall DIY decorations have you done?

(And yes, that color on the front door DOES speak to my love of summer- despite the clash with the fall colors)



Backyard Makeover- Part 1

Forewarning: This is probably going to be a 10 part series (if I’m lucky).

Jeff and I bought a house about 2 and a half years ago in SW Portland in the beautiful Multnomah Village. When we purchased the house, we knew that over the years there were going to be a lot of projects we had to complete. For example, the entire house was canary yellow. Every room. Every wall. Now while I love yellow, walking into a house made for Big Bird was never my dream. So we started with the small projects: painting, switching drawer pulls and door knobs, taking down some “spider bush shrubs,” and things like that.

This summer we decided the backyard was going to be our next project. We wanted to put in a patio, have a grassy area for the dogs, a little fenced off garden for me, and a fire pit to enjoy with friends! How hard could that be? Unfortunately as we’ve come to learn, its A LOT harder that we anticipated, so we’re taking it one step at a time.


The long side of our back yard was 100% deck. And unfortunately the deck was completely rotted and split when we moved in. Jeff and a friend one Saturday got some saws and crowbars and ripped the whole deck out. We were one step closer! But as we discovered underneath the deck had been built upon cement blocks buried pretty well into the ground.

My mom and I spent a good hour trying to dig them out with any tool we could find in the garage, but after an hour of backbreaking work, we’d only removed two. Jeff had the idea of going to Home Depot and renting a jackhammer to try and break them up into 2-4 pieces to make them easier to remove.


So after watching some “how to” videos on Youtube, he was ready. He headed off to Home depot and rented a Makita Jack Hammer through their Tool Rental Program. I’d never used it before, but after Jeff talked about the process, we’ll definitely rent some more equipment in the future.

As much as I wanted to try and use the jackhammer (I love power tools!) it was a lot heavier than I anticipated, so after breaking up 2 blocks I decided to hand it back over and be the block mover instead of the block breaker.

It only took us a little over an hour to break up and remove the other 28 blocks. So I’d say time and money well spent! IMG_4039

Next week we’ll be renting a Rota Tiller through Home Depot and breaking up and leveling out the dirt back there, from there its soil and grass!

Have any of you taken on big backyard projects? What’s your advice for some first time home owners trying to make the most of their yard on a limited budget?




Who am I?


Now that I’m back in the swing of things I thought it was important I introduce myself to all of you!

intro photo

I am 26 years old, Oregon native born and bred. I live in the most adorable part of Portland, Multnomah Village. It’s close to the dog park for me and my girls, it’s got an artsy/hippie/freespirit vibe which I love, and some great little restaurants within walking distance to our house.

I just got married a little over 2 weeks ago to my (now) amazing husband Jeffrey Katz. After 4 years together, Jeff decided it was probably time to lock this down (joke!) and he popped the question in January 2017. We had an amazing wedding on 9/2/17 out in Canby, Oregon and then took off for our honeymoon in Maui! Jeff and I have 3 dogs and 3 cats all living with us under one roof. Its a little crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. More on all of this to come!

I spend my free time crafting, doing DIY projects, playing with paint and wood and ribbon and tools. I like a little bit of everything. I love to travel and take pictures and hope to be sharing some of that with all of you!

intro photos

I’ve run a small small business for the past couple of years, Lost and Lovestruck, which is a showcase for some of my designs and ideas. You can follow me on Instagram at @lostandlovestruck to see some of my work!

I’m a bit of an open book and I don’t shy away easy. I hope to keep you up to date and entertained with all that happening in my life. You can follow me personally on Instagram at @maggie.hilty to keep up with some of my day to day life.

Thanks for reading along,




So here I am.

This is my first post in a really long time.  And to be honest, I’m super frustrated. I started Lost and Lovestruck as a brand in 2015, and since then I messed around with different platforms and domain hosting sites, and all of it was a little complicated. I got discouraged with my lack of understanding of how to work and manage different sites until I pretty much gave up.

So here I am, 2 years later. Starting over again.

But this time its different. While I’m still a little lost in this whole blogging world, I’m continually lovestruck by the community, passion, and drive behind the blogging community (see what I did there).

A friend of mine posted something on her social media a few weeks ago. It said “Did we ever really fail, or did we just stop trying before we succeeded.” That stuck with me and it hit me hard. So here I am again, starting over on my blog with a passion and a fire inside me to keep at it and make it work this time. I’m not giving up. I may need a little help from all of you along the way, but I promise it will be worth it.

A more in depth post about me will be coming later. For now, thank you for reading!

Wedding Signs!

One of my very best friends got married a couple weeks ago, and she really wanted some decorations around her wedding that not only went with her theme, but also were able to be used in her home.

Here comes me!


We sat down and designed what she was looking for. She wanted one “Welcome” sign and another that said “You will forever be my always.” (Aww!)

I had some extra wood lying around from when I built the black and white bench, so we stained that with a walnut wood stain and basically did exactly what I do on my DIY Wall Art tutorial posted last month.

Because you can print what you want on a basic ink jet printer at home, the possibilities are endless with designs and creations!

What type of signs would you want at your wedding or in your home?


Wood Wall Art


I love adding pieces to my home that mean something to me. And a lot of that means me making pieces of art for our walls that have a special meaning. One of my favorite things to make is reclaimed wood wall art. I can hand paint whatever I want on it, from a welcome sign, to a funny saying, to a motivational quote we say to ourselves frequently.

I make these a lot too. I make them for weddings. I make them for the shop. I make them for friends and family as gifts. And everyone LOVES them. They’re on every wall of my house.

One of the most important things when making your own is choosing the right wood. I personally like wood that already distressed. I get mine at a great store in NE Portland called Salvage Works. I’ve talked about it before on my post about DIY American Flag. It’s amazing. You pay by the foot and they have tons of options, colors, styles and types. When I’m picking wood for these type of projects I want something with a little give. I typically will press a tiny bit of my nail into it to see if it will take my tracing easily.


Once I get the typeface and saying that I want I print it out on my basic inkjet printer. I usually get my fonts on Etsy (see my favorite shop here) and purchase the license for them, but I also find a lot of free fonts on  Once I pick my font and print it, I cut it out, place it on the wood, and tape it down. Depending on the font I’ll either trace the entire letter, or if it’s a skinnier font I’ll just trace part of the letter and make it as thick as I want once I’m painting.

The reason I think the “give” of the wood is so important is because you want a good indentation from your tracing so that its easy for you to know exactly what you’re painting. After going over the whole saying once, I’ll decide depending on what I want the final look to be if Ill go over it again. Sometimes I’ll end up going over it 3-4 times to get the look I want.


Once it dries I like to set the overall look with a Krylon clear coat. I get mine at home depot in the spray paint section. It’s easy to apply and goes on smooth, just make sure you wipe your wood down with a clean rag to get any dust or leftovers off of it.

There is really no limit to what you can create with this fun and easy project. I like experimenting with different fonts, as well as painting the entire piece of wood first and then sanding and distressing before painting my actual saying on it.

Here’s some from an event recently! More on that to come…